The Wallula Gap is the prominent notch between the Horse Heaven Hills on the west and the foothills of the Blue Mountains on the east, through which the Columbia River flows. The Wallula Vineyard overlooks this extraordinary geologic feature. Its soils are composed of a mix of glacial marine sediments left by the ancient Missoula floods which were backed up by the narrow Wallula Gap. Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are sourced here.

The vineyard was planted by brothers Andy "Junior" and "Wild" Bill Den Hoed and is overseen by viticulturalist Dan Nicklaus. Bill Den Hoed is a WAWGG "Washington Grower of the Year" recipient. In 2008 the Longshadows Vintner's partnership of Walla Walla purchased a 51% interest in Wallula Vineyard from the Den Hoed family who continue management responsibilities.