Stone Valley Vineyard is technically part of the Seven Hills West Vineyard. The name differentiates Stone Valley from the remainder of the hillside site which is planted on fine grained wind blown Loess soils. By contrast, the former apple orchard site of the Stone Valley block is planted on the Walla Walla Valley's famous "Rocks". These basalt cobblestone gravels were formed as an outwash plain of the Walla Walla River. The valley bottom location, coupled with the heat absorbing gravel makes this sub region unique, both in soil structure, and day to night temperature cycling.

We reserved a block of Stone valley Syrah when it was first planted based on the strength of the location and the skills of vineyard manager and WAWGG "Grower of the Year" Tom Waliser. In 2010 we were additionally able to contract a small block of Malbec from this sought after site.

The Vineyard is owned by The Premier Partners group.