Community Red

$ 19.50

Early on in developing our product line, we made the decision to separate the majority of the "press fraction", or portion of the juice squeezed from the skins of our red grapes, from the "free run" fraction, or wine that runs from the fermentors under gravity. This "found product" could be blended into a red table wine and offered for a lower price, hopefully one that people trying to make a living in the Methow Valley could afford.

The red table wine from our first (2002) vintage was still nameless and in barrel when the 2003 Needles Creek fire threatened to turn Mazama into charcoal. Neighbors came out of the woodwork to offer help, equipment, storage for furniture and wine, and even to bring us meals. The name grew organically out of that spirit of community, as did the desire on our part to give something back to that community. Beginning with the original 2002 vintage, we have given back 5 percent of the gross proceeds on every bottle of Community Red sold, to non profit organizations serving the Methow Valley - over $45,000 to date.

  • Appellation: Columbia Valley
  • Varietals: A blend of all the red wines that we produce.
  • Vineyards: Various
  • Aging: 10 months in 100% French Oak Barrels, predominantly neutral (used) barrels.
  • Production: 400 cases.